Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Today, March 29, 2010 we arrived in Morro Bay at 3:45 PM.   Todays ride was 79 miles with a few hills and lots of headwind.  The scenery was beautiful and was very enjoyable in spite of the hills and headwind.   Just outside of Lompoc was a hill called Harris Grade.  Very similar to Turnbull Canyon in LA County.  The vistas were very nice.  Lots of green and flowers galore!  Passed thru many vinyards.   Saw quite a few cattle and horses in patures along the way.  Rode thru many small interesting towns.  Total mileage as of today is 79 miles today plus 193 on the previous days for a grand total of 272 miles.   Remember you can check out my progress on this ride by clicking on the “Where Am I” button and you can donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society or help us with our costs by clicking on the “Donate: button.  Til then…Saving Lives One Mile at a Time.

Wes & Judy

4 Responses to “Hello Fans, Friends and Family”

  1. Chris St. Marie Says:

    Wes — be sure to ask Guido about the wind near Lompoc. First time he had to stand up in his pedals to go downhill!

    Be safe.


  2. Mike & Loi Barman Says:

    Wes, what happened today? Did the wind/rain posed a problem? Looks like rain on/off for the next few days. What is your plan?

    Semper Fi


  3. Mike & Loi Barman Says:

    Wes, What happened today? Did the rain/wind posed a problem? Weather report indicates 2-3 days of rain.

    Semper Fi

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