Hello Fans, Friends & Family

Today, March 31, 2010 we left Plaskett National Forest campsite and continued our journey north thru Lucia, Big Sur and Carmel before arriving in Monterey, CA.  Found a place to spend the night at the Elks Lodge.  Today’s ride was not as windy but had some pretty decent hills.  The downhills were awesome.  Not a lot of traffic so was able to take the full lane going down a lot of the time.  There were some areas that they had construction going on and they had only one lane going both directions alternating the flow of traffic.  Had to negotiate past what looked like snowplows heading right at me a couple of times.  The weather was brisk but the view was great!!!  Rode a total of 60 miles today.  My 5 day total is now 393 miles.  Tonight it is raining pretty good.  Hope it stops by tomorrow morning.  If not may have to postpone for another day and take a day off.   Received an email from another bicyclist who said he and his cycling club may be interested in riding with me thru Santa Cruz area.  Looking forward to his joining up with me.   Anyone else wanting to join me can email me or call me at 562-212-4052 or 562-212-4053.   Presently I am heading north to Astoria, WA and I can email route slips of any portion of my ride that you wish to join me on.   Til then….Saving Lives One Mile at a Time- – – -Wes & Judy

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