Hello Fans, Friends and Family

 On Tue Mar 30, after getting a late start due to wet weather facing continuous headwinds and mountainous climbs, we finally arrived at Gorda, CA .   Along the way we passed Hearst Castle, a place along the coast where the elephant seals gather.  Saw lots of ocean view with very rough surf.  Upon arriving in Gorda we stopped at a local restaurant (the only one) and had dinner.  The food was excellent and so were the prices (lol).  We found a placed to camp for the night.  It was in a national park just north of Gorda  Very primitive with no amenities except for water.  Judy says the roads through the park are not as wide as some bike trails she has seen.  The roads were almost as wide as the motor home.  Beautiful setting.  We are surrounded by a vast array of trees in every direction. I can see the hills off in the distance.  Are those the hills I’ll have to climb tomorrow?  My total riding distance for today was 61 miles and my total riding distance for the first 4 days is now 333 miles.

Til next time…saving lives one mile at a time – – – -Wes & Judy


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