Hello Fans, Friends and Family

April 4th, 2010, it is Easter Sunday in Bodega Bay, CA.  Yesterday’s ride from Half Moon Bay was a total of 102 miles of cycling.  Today I will not ride.  There is a storm coming in around noon and lasting through tomorrow.  Good news is the weather looks great for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow Judy wants to check on the RV generator as it is not working right now.  Might be good to have when we need to dry-camp.  Met another cyclist today just before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.  His name was Tony.  That’s 3 Tony’s already.  Very popular name.  It was actually very easy to cycle across the bridge and not as long as I had  imagined.  What I thought was amazing is that Judy timed it so that we were both crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at the same time.  I saw a group of Easter bunnies crossing the bridge.  (actually just a group of guys wearing bunny ears.)    After crossing the bridge cycled through a lot of scenic areas.  I have started posting  pictures on my blog in the order that the photos were taken.  I am still figuring out how to best post them, so bear with me and I hope I get better.  Noticed a lot of local eating establishments advertising barbequed oysters.  Must be a local favorite and must try them before leaving the area.  We are camped right on the bay  next to where the boats (mostly fishing boats) are docked.  Surrounded by hills in the background and the bay out our front window makes for quite a nice view.  Judy didn’t feel like getting out of bed this morning so I brought her breakfast in bed.  She liked that.  Until next time…Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – -Wes & Judy


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