Hello Fans, Friends and Family

April 6th, 2010, Sorry I haven’t blogged for awhile but some days we have no  internet connection.  We were able to get our generator fixed.  It was just something simple and now we are ready to travel again.  Judy drove me back to Hwy 1 but did not want to backtrack so we are now in Ft Bragg about 40 miles north of where I left off.  I took some time to post some more pictures and will have more to come soon.  Til next time…Saving Lives One Mile at a Time- – – – Wes & Judy


One Response to “Hello Fans, Friends and Family”

  1. Larry Stern Says:

    Missed your daily updates, but glad you’re back in an area where you can post them. Also glad the generator is up-and-running when needed. As the Boy Scouts say, “be prepared”. The pic’s are wonderful and help me feel like I’m on the ride with you. Keep ‘um coming. The SCOR gang misses you but figure since you’re not with us you’re fair game to talk about. Not-to-worry. It’s all good. Be safe and enjoy.

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