Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Thursday, April 8th, we will be spending the night at a rest stop just north of Trinidad, CA.  Total miles of cycling today was 34 miles of very heavy headwinds.  On many of the downhills I was lucky to get over 8 mph.  Yesterday it got so cold that when I was going downhill, the wind chill made my teeth hurt.  When I met up with Judy at the half-way point for the day I tried warming up my toes on the RV heater.  Sometimes I got my toes too close to the heater and they started burning.  I also passed by another cyclist who was fixing a flat tire.  Stopped to see if he needed help.  Said his pump was not working very well so I let him use mine.  He said he worked at a bike shop in Arcata, CA.  I wasn’t real sure about that as he looked as if he had seen better days and although his procedure for changing his tube and tire was good, he had a hard time figuring out how to use my pump.  Once he had his tire pumped up I wished him good luck and headed on my way.  While writing this post, we are surrounded by large trees and the wind is rocking our RV as if it were a small boat in the ocean.  I remember someone telling me about seasoned riders riding up the coast and only able to ride 30 miles because of the winds.  At the time I thought, yeah, right!  Who couldn’t do 30 miles?  Well after this last 34 miles I have come to believe that the heavy headwinds can take a lot out of you and make you thankful for a shorter ride.  Until next time….Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy


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