Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Friday, 9 April:  Cycled 90 miles today and we are in Brookings, OREGON!  This weeks total mileage was 418 miles which makes a total of 908 miles in 2 weeks.  Needless to say today’s weather was much better than yesterday.  I was actually able to enjoy quite a few downhill rides of 30 mph plus!  Of course I had to go up some hills to get those wondrous downhills.  The roads really haven’t been all that bad.  In fact most are very good.  I was accompanied by my first dog today.  He was mostly just running along side of me and didn’t look very menacing, so I just kept talking to him till he ran as far as he wanted and turned back.  Saw Paul Bunyan and his famous blue ox, Babe.  They are really huge.  They have a lot of redwood carvers in this area.  Some of the artwork is pretty awesome.  We are camping close to the beach today and hoping for another early start so I can put in some more good mileage while the weather is good.  Until next time…Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy


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