Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Today is Saturday, April 10th, the first day of my third week.  Had a terrific tailwind today (can you believe it?!?) and was able to get 105 miles cycling in giving me a total of 1,013 miles since starting my ride.  Got my first 1,000 miles done…only nine more to go!  Today I got my second flat tire and got caught in some light sprinkles the last 20 miles or so. Most of the roads in Oregon are pretty nice.  On one stretch the bike lane was actually wider than the car lane.  The uphills don’t feel so bad because they are longer grades and not as curvy.  Went across a couple of bridges yesterday that had a sensor in the road so that when you ran over it lights would flash at the bridge letting cars know that there is a bike on the bridge.   Had a small deer follow me along side of the road for a short distance.  I wanted to get a picture, but he darted off into the woods before I had a chance.  Later on in the ride saw hundreds of millipedes crawling across the road.  I was pretty sure they wouldn’t get away so I got off my bike to take a picture of one of them.  We are in Coos Bay today.  Will probably take tomorrow off to do laundry and get some rest.  (Judy says I need it but I think I feel just fine!)  Feel free to call if you like and we will answer if we have cell phone service.  Until next time…Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – –  Wes & Judy

2 Responses to “Hello Fans, Friends and Family”

  1. jacobsonexpress Says:

    It is pretty bad when the only thing you can keep up with to take a picture is a MILLIPEDE! Bike a little faster! Judy

  2. Larry Stern Says:

    Geez, it would take me as long to drive to Coos Bay as it took you to cycle it. Well done. At this pace, you’ll be able to do Solana Beach backwards on a track bike. I’m soooooo glad you’re taking the time to “smell the roses” with enjoying the deer, recognizing that millipede’s can go faster than even the fastest bike rider and for sharing all of this with us.

    As always, enjoy the ride and be safe.


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