Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Tuesday, April 13th, arrived in Tillamook, Oregon after an 88 mile bicycle ride.  Tillamook is known as the “Land of Many Waters” and is where Tillamook Cheese is made.  Last night took a picture of a beautiful sunset over the Alsea Bay.  I though it was the Aquina Bay but I still had a few miles to go before getting there.  After cycling the first 17 miles I stopped at a bike shop in Newport called, you guessed it, Newport Bike Shop.  It was time to replace a chain on my bike.  The people who worked there were very friendly and had me ready to ride in less than half an hour.  The cost?  $30 for the chain and $5 for labor.  Very reasonable I thought.  The morning looked like it might rain, but the skies got clearer the farther I rode.  Passed by the 45th Parallel.  That is the half-way point between the equator and the North Pole.   Passed quite a few dairy farms.  I knew they were dairy farms because I could smell the dairyair (sic).  Had two dogs come after me.  This time I think they were actually chasing me.  I sped up and rode to the other side of the road and they were still coming and barking loudly.  I yelled “get back!!”  a couple of times and they either listened to me or got as far as their boundary and turned back to their home.  Stopped to have dinner at Denny’s.  Isn’t that where you never plan on going, but always end up?  We will be staying here till tomorrow morning and only have about 65 miles left till Astoria!!


One Response to “Hello Fans, Friends and Family”

  1. Forey Jacobson Says:

    Wow! you are having alot of challenges,but well taken care of!
    You are amazing Wes! I bring you up daily to people I see.
    Have a wonderful travel ,and stay safe! Lv,Forey

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