Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Wednesday, April 14th, arrived in Knappa, Oregon, about 15 miles east of Astoria, Oregon.  Silly me…until today I thought Astoria was in Washington.  After waking up this morning, Denny’s was still right outside our front door, so we went inside and had a nice warm breakfast.  It was my first real breakfast (other than cold cereal) since my kick-off ride with all my friends on March 27th.  After breakfast I started out on my ride and shortly afterwards passed the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  Doesn’t look very big from the outside, but it’s probably a lot bigger inside.  Pass by quite a few lakes.  Took a picture of one with a nice reflective view.  There are a lot of logging trucks going up and down the road.  It’s a wonder there are so many trees still here.  Before arriving in Astoria, saw my first sign indicating the Lewis and Clark Trail.  Also, along the Promenade there is a statue of Lewis and Clark at the “end of the trail”  The bridge from Astoria to Washington is about the longest bridge I have ever seen.  Just across the bridge is the city of Long Beach.  Judy wanted to cross the bridge but it was not on our route we were scheduled to take.  So just to make her happy, I put my bicycle in the motor home and we drove to the other side of the bridge and back.  I am glad I did not ride my bike across the bridge.  The lane was very narrow and hardly any bike lane at all with a lot of traffic.  Judy is a nut for signs.  She had me take a picture of a sign that probably indicated what Lewis and Clark felt when they arrived in Astoria.  When I finally caught up with Judy in Knappa, she was parked in front of PRO Hardware Store.  She had talked with the owner and he kindly agreed to let us park our motor home in front of his store for the night.  So until next time…Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy

One Response to “Hello Fans, Friends and Family”

  1. Larry Stern Says:

    Don’t feel about about thinking Astoria was in Washington. We all think that. Oh well. The Oregonians will get over it. You really should have toured the cheese factory. It was very interesting. The Lewis and Clark trail is also pretty cool. A friend of mine is a long distance runner (and a cyclist who has peddled from SF to LA several times), and literally ran the Lewis and Clark trail (trying not to get his feet wet).

    Oh, had breakfast at Harry’s on PCH in Sunset Beach with the group today. Said hello for you. Valerie rode 72 miles in a women’s ride near Sacramento over the weekend and had a great time.

    More later. Gotta go.


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