Dear Fans, Friends and Family

Thursday, April 15th, woke up this morning and it had rained during the night, the roads were still wet and really didn’t look great weather-wise.  I got dressed anyways and put on my wet weather gear.  I headed out hoping for the best.  While going over the hill out of town, it started to rain.  It was just a moderate rain so I kept on pedaling.  On the way down hill the fog set in and it was very hard to see (I can’t believe how many cars don’t use their headlights in this weather!)  and my glasses and rearview mirror were fogging up.  I remembered I had some anti-fog wipes in my fanny pack so I stopped long enough to clean my glasses and mirror.  That stuff is amazing!  I was able to see clearly for the rest of my ride.  After the rain had let up I passed by a nice waterfall.  It was coming out of the hills pretty good.  I’ve seen quite a few waterfalls along the way and thought today was a good day to get a picture of one.  Passed by the bridge over the Columbia River that would take me to Seattle if I was going that way.  Remember I talked about all the trucks hauling all those logs.  Looks like the trains are getting in on the act also!  When I got into Portland I met up with Judy again.  The bike mechanic back in Newport, OR showed me where I had a crack in the hanger bar that holds my rear derailer.  He didn’t have the part but said I should get it fixed as soon as possible.  We found a Performance Bike Shop in Portland and looked it up on the GPS.  Judy drove me over to the bike shop where they replaced the hanger bar while I waited.  Judy said I should buy an extra one just in case, so I did.  We then called up some friends, Bill and Joann, that we knew from Huntington Harbor, CA who had moved up to Portland.  We went by to visit and talk about everything we could think of.  I had cycled 76 miles today.  They offered us hot showers, dinner and a place to park for the night.  The next morning they fixed us breakfast.  It was a nice morning to ride but because of their hospitality we decided we would spend a little more time visiting before pedaling off.  So until next time….Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy


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