Dear Fans, Friends and Family

It is Friday, 16 April, the end of my 3rd week of cycling.  Had a late start this morning after being served breakfast by our friends Bill and Joann.  Bill fixed us French Toast and Coffee and we had some fine conversation afterwards.  Finally started my bike ride around 12 noon.  The weather was beautiful.  The first thing I saw as I got ready to start my ride was an old bridge that I don’t think has been used very much.  It was right next to Hwy 30 which gets a lot more traffic.  Climbed up to some pretty good elevation.  Didn’t feel like the hills were really all that steep.  They actually feel steeper going downhill.  There were some hills not too far away that have quite a bit of snow on them.  I kinda hope we don’t go that direction.  Judy called me and said she saw a sign that said 10% uphill grade next 2 miles.  After talking to some locals she decided she could make the grade and would wait for me in Corbett.  I cycled about 2 miles past Corbett and never saw her.  I gave her a call and she said that she was still in Corbett, so I made a U-turn and went back.  Sure enough, there she was parked in a Fire Station parking lot.  From the direction I had originally come she was hiding behind some trees.  Right across the street was the Corbett Country Market.  I went to the market to make sure we were heading in the right direction.  He assured us we were.  I purchased some smoked salmon and Judy made us smoked salmon sandwiches.  Mmmm.  Got another nice picture of the Columbia River.  Parked along side a hill with a waterfall coming down the side.  Across the street are railroad tracks, a small lake and Interstate 84.  Today’s ride was 46 miles and we are about 40 miles east of Portland.  The total cycling for the past 3 weeks is now 1397 miles with 2 days of no riding.  Remember that I am doing this ride to raise money and awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  You can go to my website at and click the “Donate” button to make your donation.  Tomorrow I start on my 4th week of cycling, so until next time…Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy


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