Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Today is Saturday, 17 April and we are in Biggs, OR after cycling 79 miles.  It was a beautiful day with a nice tailwind and easy hills.  Before leaving our camp site noticed that you could see the reflection of traffic in the lake next to us.  The mirror image is always very intriguing.  Passed by a few more waterfalls.  The two waterfalls in the picture are of Multnomah Falls.  It was the biggest falls I have seen yet on my ride.  Cycled through the town of Hood River.  They were having a special event and were passing out free samples of apple juice and pears.  I had stopped there to confirm directions and ended up being truly refreshed.  Had quite a few nice views from up on high.  Don’t know how I got there…I don’t remember any hills that high.  Saw a few of these boats on the river below.  This particular set had happy faces on it so I had to take the picture.  Passed by a grove of trees with many white blossoms on them.  I asked a passerby what kind of tree they were and she guessed they were apples but was not sure.  I arrived in the town of Biggs, OR and a lot of areas where we could park for the night.  It reminds me of Baker, CA only a lot smaller.  From here I just have to cross the bridge and I will be in Washington.  There are quite a few windmills in the hills close by.  Called Judy to meet me there.  When she finally showed up, I started cycling ahead of her to show her where to park.  As I started riding I noticed I had a flat tire so I got off and walked my bike and helped her get parked.  I went around to the left side of the motor home and started fixing my flat tire.  I looked at Judy’s rear tire on the RV and she had hit something and tore the sidewall.  Good thing I had the flat tire when I did or I would not have noticed it.  It could cause a blow-out and cause major damage.  RV tires are expensive, but a blow-out would be even more expensive.  Got hold of someone to help us, but it will be at least Monday before we can do anything and maybe Wednesday before we can get a new tire.  Soooo….maybe we’ll take a few days off and enjoy Biggs!  Wish us good luck and until next time…still Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy    http://www.jacobsonwes.com.  


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