Dear Fans, Friends and Family

Tuesday, April 27th:  I am now leaving Bearmouth, Montana.  We spent the night in a rest stop next to the big rigs.  The skies are dark and cloudy so I will take some rain gear with me.  I see the road to Butte.  That is the direction we are heading and the skies look like they are clearing up ahead.  So far the weather is holding up and no rain.  But alas, I just got a flat tire!  That’s my 4th flat tire in over 2,000 miles.  Not too bad an average.  Judy caught up with me just as I was changing my tire and waited with me until I got it fixed.  The winds are picking up and slowing me down a bit.  I try to think of headwinds as a long hill.  Just shift to a lower gear and keep pedaling.  A few more miles down the road and the skies are getting darker again.  I am gettin close to Deer Lodge and it is starting to rain.  It is not a strong rain but combined with the wind it feels worse than it is.  Judy is waiting for me at the off-ramp into town.  I get in with her to find a place to park.  We find a nice little place in town to grab a quick snack.  It is at the Boomerang Bakery.  Onna Scharff gave us $5 for LLS and loves to knit socks and volunteers her services around town.  Kim, Dave and their daughter Shelby run the bakery were very friendly.  We had Louie’s Famous Montana Pasties to eat.  Very good.  After talking with them for some time they sent us off with a bag of their Pasties and a box of assorted pastries.  We walked around town for awhile, stopped by the Deer Lodge Post Office to mail some post cards and later in the evening went to Broken Arrow Steak House & Casino for dinner.  It is Judy’s birthday so I am taking her out for dinner.  She ordered the ribeye and I ordered the tenderloin.  Both were very good.  Todays ride was only 42 miles but seeing as it IS Judy’s birthday I thought it would be nice to spend some time off my bike and with her.  In the morning will check out the weather and decide where the ride will take us.  So until next time…Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy


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