Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Wednesday, May 5th:  Great Morning!  Not a cloud in the sky, no wind, and a nice warm 32 degrees.  Took a few pictures of Doug and Carol’s place including a Moth that was warming itself on the side of his garage.  Had breakfast with Doug’s wife, Carol before heading out.  Took a picture of this morning’s headlines about yesterday’s high winds.  Relaxed and chatted with Judy in the waiting room of the restaurant before heading back out to the highway to resume my ride.  Still a nice day but I can see clouds ahead.  I enjoy it while it lasts, but I catch up with the clouds after about 10-15 miles.  I will have cloud cover the rest of the day.  Not too cold, but definitely not warm.  Stopped at Pompey’s Pillar.  Of all the many places that William Clark left his mark indicating that he was there, this is the only one that remains today.  From the top of Pompey’s Pillar he could see a long way off in every direction.  At one point in Clark’s travels, when all of his horses were stolen he made bull boats out of buffalo skin to float down the Missouri River.  I ended my ride today after 68 miles of cycling, just before Hysham, MT, at the Big Horn Rest Area, about half-way between Billings and Miles City.  Along the way I found a prime specimen of the culprit that has been the cause of most of my flat tires.  Those wires come out of the tire and lay in the road just waiting for me to run over them.  Well, now I have my ARMADILLO tires and that should help keep those wires from causing me any more flat tires.  Until next time…Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy    http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


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