Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Saturday, May 8th:  Looks like a nice day today.  About 35 degrees and clear skies.  I am getting dressed ready to ride and a friend of mine, Kim Schultz, from SCOR, the bicycle club I belong to (you can find out about SCOR by visiting their website at www.scorccc.com ) called me up and said that since I was in Miles City, MT I should see her mom who lives there.  I was able to make contact with her mom, Dorie Jas, and met with her for coffee at McDonalds.  It seems that Dorie know one of Judy’s relatives that is a dentist in Miles City.  After our visit I started out on my ride.  There are now a few clouds on the horizon, but they look friendly to me.  Crossed over Powder River today.  One of my last units when I was in the Army Reserve was the 91st Division.  They were known as the ‘Wild West Warriers’ and their battle cry was “Powder River” “Let ‘er Buck”.  There are some nice looking mountain ranges up ahead.  Right now I am on one of the very few downhill sections of todays ride.  I arrive at Bad Route Road.  I am not interested in finding out what Bad Route Road is about, but Judy is waiting for me at that exit with lunch so I will meet up with her.  After lunch the wind starts picking up and it is mostly a headwind.  The wind will last the rest of the day and there will not be much relief from the hills either.  Upon arriving in Glendive, MT, the lane used for bicycles now has rumble strips clear across my lane and for the next 7 to 8 miles I will have to ride across them about every 10 yards.  At first they are unique, then they get monotonous, then they get aggravating, then I start riding in the auto lanes.  Found another creek of interest.  Griffith Creek.  That is Judy’s maiden name.  I didn’t know they named a creek after her!  And now,  I have reached North Dakota.  The first city we arrive in is Beach, ND and we will spend the night at a truck stop there.  Today’s ride was 104 miles, 40% of the ride had headwinds and 80% of the ride was constant climbing.  But at least there was no rain, no snow, no sleet and most importantly, no flat tire!  I was ready for a rest when I got here.  And so, until next time….Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – –  Wes & Judy

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