Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Tuesday, May 11th:  This morning got the motorhome ready for travel again.  Dumped the sewer tanks and re-filled with fresh water.  Took a little extra time getting ready to ride this morning.  Didn’t get started till after 10:00AM.  The weather was cool and cloudy all day.  Quite a few rolling hills and only a light breeze.  Passed by a metal sculpture of flying geese near the exit to Enchanted Hwy.  There is supposed to be quite a few sculptures along that highway, but it was a southbound highway and I did not know how far down the road I would have to go to see any more sculptures, so I continued on my eastward trek.  I crossed over into the Central Time Zone today.  Will have to set all my clocks up another hour.  After 60 miles of cycling came across a rest stop about 40 miles west of Bismarck.  I think we will stay here for the night and continue to Bismarck tomorrow to restock on essentials like food and (?).  After Bismark I will be cycling south into central Nebraska before heading east to Des Moines and beyond.  Let me know if I will be traveling through any area where you or someone you know may want to meet up with me.  Any one who is interested is also welcome to join me on any portion of my ride.  Just email me or call me by going to my website and click on “contact me”.  You can also track my location by live GPS and donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by going to my website and clicking on the appropriate tab.  As always. . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy   http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


2 Responses to “Hello Fans, Friends and Family”

  1. Linda Amendola Says:

    Hey Wes and Judy,

    We check your blog frequently and hope you are both having a great time.
    We will check back later.

    Take care and have fun.
    Linda and Richard

  2. Elaine Zutavern Says:

    I am the lady in Dunning that you helped when my child carrier broke off my bike. Thank you so much for the springs and your help. I will be checking back periodically to see how you are doing and where you are at. Thanks again and good luck on your journey!

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