Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Wednesday, May 12th:  Today starts another cold, cloudy day.  I met up with Judy at a truck stop for lunch.  They had a restaurant called “Rolling Hills Restaurant”.  Up to this time I thought today was going to be an uneventful day.  Part of our meal was a soup called Knoephla (pronounced “nefla”).  It is a German soup with dumplings in a creamy chicken base.  Asked one of the locals which would be the best exit when we get to Bismarck.  They suggested exit 156, and told us there would be a Walmart up the road a few miles.  I arrived at the exit first and Judy was not far behind me.  She passed me before I started crossing the Liberty Memorial Bridge.  They had a plaque commemorating “Our Sons and Daughters Who Died in the World War”.  A little further across the bridge was a plaque of the Liberty Memorial Bridge.  I continued my ride across the bridge and before I finished crossing the bridge I saw Judy heading back the other direction and she was honking at me.  I gave her a call and she said there was nothing up ahead that we wanted to find.  I turned around and met her in a parking lot back about a mile or so back.  I went into a business close by and asked them directions.  They looked it up on the computer and said that we should get back on the I-94 and get off at exit 159 which is Hwy 83.  I got on the I-94 and discovered I was going the wrong direction.  I called Judy to inform her and after making a U-turn, she had made the right choice.  I crossed over the medians to get going back in the right direction but somehow I got off the I-94 and got into town.  I stopped at a convenience store and told them I was trying to get to Walmart.  They said I should head north at the intersection I was at and it would take me right to it.  I found Walmart but could not see Judy or her motorhome.  I gave her a call and she said she was right there in the parking lot.  We compared all the signs on the building and they were identical.  But some of the surroundings were different.  I finally asked someone and they informed me there was another Walmart on the other side of town that was on Hwy 83.  I told Judy she should come to the Walmart I was at, but she insisted that since she was at the Walmart we had agreed on that I should bike over to where she was at.  I got directions on how to get there.  On the way found a nice Bar and Grill called Space Aliens.  The sign said “Earthlings Welcome”, but I figured in my outfit I didn’t look much like an earthling so I continued on to meet Judy.  I finally found  Walmart again.  This time it is the right one.  I changed my clothes and we went inside to do some shopping.  Once inside we noticed they were having a celebrity signing.  It was Chuck Forman, a former football player for the Minnesota Vikings.  He was signing photographs for donations to help fund his charity “Sound Advice 4 Life” that he founded in 1993.  You can find out more about Chuck Foreman and his charity by going to his website at http://www.chuckforman.net.  Today’s ride would have been less than 40 miles, but since I made all those wrong turns, by the time I finished my ride I had cycled 51 miles and had a chance to meet Chuck Foreman.  It is now raining and we are staying in the Walmart Parking lot until tomorrow morning, when I should start my ride south through South Dakota and into Nebraska.  So until next time…Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy   http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


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