Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Saturday, May 15th:  Looks like a nice morning with a little wind.  Starting out at 50 degrees.  I don’t need to wear as many layers today.  Continue heading south on Hwy 83 with a moderate headwind.  The road ahead is mostly Midwest plains.  A lot of rolling hills.  Seems they are mostly uphill.  The headwind continues to get stronger and offers no relief for the downhill rides.  After 20 miles decide to take my windbreaker off in order to create less wind resistance.  It does seem to help some.  After 50 miles of riding it starts to rain.  Now I have the wind, hills, and rain.  At 62 miles, after a short break, I am getting ready to get on my bike and notice a scraping sound.  I check it out and find my brakes are dragging.  Have they been dragging all day?  Is that why the uphills and downhills seem tougher than I think they should?  I adjust my brakes and continue to ride.  It is still raining, but now the hills are not as steep, I can go faster downhill, and the winds have gotten milder.  It’s amazing what a little adjustment of the brakes can accomplish.  After 85 miles I arrive in Pierre, ND.  There is an area near here where “Dancing with Wolves” was filmed.  Judy finds us a place to spend the night at Walmart.  This time we both get to the same Walmart.  Looking forward to continuing my ride tomorrow.  Until then . . .Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy     http://www.jacobsonexpress.com

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