Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Sunday Morning, May 16th:  Looks a little like rain again today.  Cleaned my bike up from yesterday’s ride just before a light sprinkle started.  Drove into town to find a Wi-Fi spot.  Found one just down the road across the street from a hotel.  Friday’s and Saturday’s blogs are posted below.  I may not always have Wi-Fi available, but will catch up on my blogs every chance I get.  Hope you are enjoying my blogs, but if you don’t see them, just keep checking and they will eventually be there.   The picture above is a  what most of the cars look like when driving in this weather.  You can imagine what my bike and the back of my jersey and pants look like! ! !  Judy is not happy to see me as I attempt to enter the motorhome at the end of my ride.

One Response to “Hello Fans, Friends and Family”

  1. shirin Says:

    wes: i read and enjoy your blogs regularly, with a sort of an addiction. i follow you thru the unbelievable obstacles, i look at all the pictures you post, and the little stories…and find them all to be quite interesting, and in a lot of ways they make me feel that i’m with you and judy, traveling from one walmart to another (kiah kiah kiah…). i think you both are doing an unbelievably fantastic, cool, wonderful, beautiful, and memorable thing. i admire you both deeply for it. i haven’t yet, but have every intention to donate to your cause too. in other news: my life and times are about to change drastically after june 30th, with a new adventure: i was given an early retirement at the city of BH due to shortfall of funds, but i still got 2 years of additional pension as a sort of a golden handshake. the same week, practically, i found a fantastic new job in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, to help them with and coordinate the adoption of our building codes, all in english. the plan is to leave here early july for at least year. more later.

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