Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Tuesday, May 18th:  Judy insisted that we sleep in this morning and make it a day of relaxation in Springview, NE..  I got her out of bed by 8:00AM.  We cooked bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast.  I cycled around the town  to see what was available.  Checked out the local grocery market, implement & variety store, stopped by the bank and the Springview Herald, the local newpaper office.  I asked if there was any place in town I could get internet service.  Talked with Mirya and Tanya at the Springview Herald and Mirya said she thought I could get internet service at the library.  Checked the library and found that they would be open at 1:00PM.  Mirya said she would like me to come back by later in the afternoon so she could get a picture and some information about my bicycle ride for the paper.  On the way back into town, Judy saw these little boys whipping around the street in this little go-cart.  She then went back with me to the library and I tried to get on the internet.  They have dial-up service, so after trying to get on for over half an hour, I finally gave up.  In the meantime, Judy found a stack of paper backs for sale and was picking out some good reading material to pass the time with while waiting for me and my bike.  All the while she was having quite the conversation with Jo, the librarian.  Judy was quite impressed with a quilt that was put together by members of the community to be raffled at the Keya Paha County’s 125th birthday, their Quasquicentennial celebration (Q125).  From there we went across the street to the Mob County Saloon Bar and Grill for something to drink (soda) while waiting for the  Springview Herald to re-open.  Talked with Toni and a customer named Dave Carr who was very entertaining to listen to.  We then went back to the Springview Herald, talked with Mirya and Tanya and had my picture taken with my bicycle.  I won’t be in town for the publication, but they said they would mail me an issue.  We then stopped by Bob and Carol Painter’s business.  He has a lot of very old antiques for sale along with a lot of other merchandise.  He is also the local gun dealer. He has a special gun; “Henry Big Boy”, a .44 Mag/Special Rifle, solid brass frame, engraved and dated for the Q125 celebration.  There will be only 10 guns available.  The #1 gun will be auctioned, the #2 gun will be raffled and the remaining 8 guns will be available for purchase.  After our visit there, we went back to see Jack and Beth at Flynn’s Ranch House Café for dinner.  Just outside the door was a rocking chair that Judy couldn’t resist.  It looks like it is made from parts of various farm implements.  Tuesday is Mexican night and Jack proved to be quite the cook as Judy and I both very much enjoyed our meal  Talked with some of the locals while we were there including Jo the librarian and her husband Harold.  From there, we decided to call it a night and headed back to our motor home to get ready for another day.  So, until next time . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy     http://www.jacobsonexpress.com 


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