Hello Fans, Friends and Family


My step by step instructions for fixing a flat tire are listed numerically in order of the pictures posted below the instructions.

01:  Remove computer and any other items from handlebar stem

02:  Shift chain to large front chain ring

03:  Shift chain to small rear cog

04:  Turn bike upside down

05:  Loosen brake lever

06:  Open quick-release lever

07:  Pull derailleur unit back toward rear

08:  Remove wheel from frame

09:  Insert tire lever between rim and tire

10:  Pull tire bead over rim with tire lever and slide tire lever around rim

11:  Remove tire and tube from wheel

12:  Check the outside and inside of tire for any sharp objects

13:  Open valve stem and slightly inflate new inner tube

14:  Insert inner tube into tire

15:  Insert 1st bead of tire onto wheel rim

16:  Push inner tube until seated inside of rim

17:  Insert tire lever between tire bead and rim in opposite direction of removal

18:  Slide tire lever around rim until tire is seated. 

19:  Inflate tire and tighten valve stem

20:  Pull back derailleur unit toward rear

21:  Insert small rear cog onto chain

22:  Seat axle into frame

23:  Tighten quick release lever

24:  Tighten brake lever

25:  Turn bike right side up

26:  Replace computer and any other items previously removed:

27:  Ready to Ride

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