Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Friday, May 21st:  Today is the end of my 8th week of cycling 10,000 miles around the USA for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Today’s ride was 56 miles of cycling for an 8 week cycling total of 414 miles.  My total mileage so far is 3254 miles.  Today’s ride took me past a looking-glass pond where you can see the reflection of the trees as well as the trees themselves.  This big motor home has been passing me over and over ever since I started my ride.  This time I took her picture as she passed.  There are quite a few windmills in this part of Nebraska.  The water table is very close to the surface and the windmills pump the water into tanks that the farm animals drink out of.  Passed by Devil’s gap where you can get a nice view of the overlook on one side of the road and a view of Devil’s Gap on the other side.  Judy was waiting in Arnold, NE for me.  She had contacted her cousins, Larry & Ruth Ross.  They invited us over to visit.  When I got there I discovered I had flat tire #10.  Decided I would take this time to take photographs on the process of fixing a flat tire.  You can see this process on the post below this one.  We visited for awhile then went by the Arnold Sentinel, the local newspaper, where Kendra Veirs interviewed us about my bicycle ride.  We then went to the local bar & grill for lunch.  On our way there we passed a lawn mower going down the sidewalk.  We went back to Larry & Ruth’s house for cookies and ice cream before I resumed my ride.  Judy passed me again before I arrived in her home town of Callaway.  This big white house is her family home.  They are very close to downtown on main street.  Most every city has a water tower that provides the water for the city.  Tomorrow starts my 9th week, although I will staying in the local area and visiting with Judy’s family and friends.  I will continue to blog on our adventure and post them as I have Wi-Fi.  Until then . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy     http://www.jacobsonexpress.com

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