Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Friday, May 28th:  We are still here in Callaway, NE.  The part for our refrigerator is on order but has not arrived yet.  Earlier this week we had an interview with Mike Wendorff of the Callaway Courier newspaper.  Two days later it was already published and for sale at the local drug store.    On Wednesday we had very nice weather so I decided to get on my bike and go for a ride.  Judy suggested I ride out to Oconto and back.  When I got there they had some metal sculptures on display.  My favorite one was the motorcycle.  The sculptures were created by Charles Horn, one of Judy’s High School classmates.  When I was ready for the return trip I asked around town to see if there was another way back to Callaway.  They told me that if I went out to Hwy 21 and then down the Callaway River Road, that I would get a few more miles on some winding roads with some rolling hills.  I thought that sounded like fun, so off I rode.  As I was riding down Callaway River Road I passed by a farm that belonged to her dad, Ted Griffith.  Her dad is now deceased but the farm is still owned by her brothers and the land is rented out for farming.  There are a lot of areas where this plant that some of you may recognize grows like a weed.  I have always found this plant to be very attractive in appearance.  At the end of this day’s ride I had accumulated 37 miles of bicycle riding.  Later on that evening we went over to John and Joellen Wiese’s place so that they could take us on a trip into the pasture where they have about a thousand adult goats and about as many baby goats (kids).  There are about a half dozen large dogs that are Pyrennes/Anatolian mix which guard the goats protecting them from bobcats and other predators.  She also has Border Collies that she uses when she wants to round up the goats.  After visiting with her goats, they took us to dinner in Broken Bow at the Bon Fire Grill.   Thursday was laundry day.  Not much time for anything else.  Today I decided I needed to go for another bike ride.  Judy suggested that I head out of town on Hwy 40 to the west.  She said it would be about a 30 mile round trip ride with some challenging hills.  There were some pretty good hills, but far more challenging was the strong wind from the south that made it had to keep the bike going straight, especially on the down hill rides when I was getting over 30 mph.  By the time I had finished today’s ride I had 32 miles giving me a total of 69 miles for my 9th week of bicycle riding.  My total cycling distance is now 3323 miles in my quest to cycle 10,000 miles around the USA for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Tomorrow begins my 10th week of cycling and although we will still be staying in Callaway, NE, I will continue to cycle in the area until I am ready to resume my ride around the USA.  Until next time . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy   



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