Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Saturday, June 19th:  Left this morning for my ride to Blaire, NE.  Along the way we passed some fields and fairgrounds that are flooded from the recent storms.  That red van is completely surrounded by water.  I don’t think it is going anywhere anytime soon.  Shortly afterwards I arrived in Arlington and met up with Janet & Bob Wallace from Blair, who are members of my bicycle club, SCOR (www.scorccc.com) and Sharlyn Scheer from Arlington.  Janet biked and Bob drove from Blaire to meet me in Arlington.  Janet, Sharlyn and I biked toward Blaire as Bob and Judy drove.  After 15 miles, Sharlyn turned back home to Arlington as Janet and I continued our ride.  After 23 miles of cycling, Janet and I met up with Bob and Judy in Blaire, NE.  We had lunch at Subway and spent the rest of the day at their home.  They have a nice home with 11 acres of land.  There is only one way into a driveway that leads to their home.  They have a small dog, a cat, ducks, chickens, and two miniature donkeys.  They grow alfalfa on their land, some of which feeds their donkeys.  We had a lot of fun talking about biking adventures and had a jam session with Janet playing guitar, Judy playing keyboard and Bob playing harmonica.  We will be spending the night here and see what tomorrow brings.  So . . . Until next time . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy    http://www.jacobsonexpress.com

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