Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Monday, July 5th:  I find it very difficult to take pictures of fireworks with a small digital camera.  I think I might have got one good one last night.  This morning I helped navigate Judy out to the US Hwy 24 where she let me out and I continued my ride.  I cycled across a bridge over the Illinois River.  This portion of Hwy 24 is known as the Ronald Reagan Trail.  Ronald Reagan attended college in Eureka, IL and Eureka College is his Alma Mater.  My cycling goal today was to ride to Watsetka, IL and find a Walmart to park at.  Along the way passed Chuck LaRue, also known as ChuckWalking.  He is pushing a stroller with all his supplies and is walking from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles, CA for his brother Dave LaRue who suffers from ALS, also know as Lou Gerhigs Disease.  Find out more about his cause by going to www.firstgiving.com/charleslarue.  Chuck suggested that instead of riding to Watseka, that I should ride an extra 7 miles to Iroquois, IL.  He said that it is a very friendly town, especially for people hiking and biking.  I passed through Watseka, noting a Smiley Face on their water tower.  I then continued my ride and after 115 miles of cycling, I cycled across the Iroquois River and arrived in Iroqouis where I

 was introduced to the Mayor Jack Karr.  He and his great-grandson Keegan directed us to a spot where we could park our motorhome for the night.  It even had electrical hook-ups.  He then unlocked a building next to us that had a restroom and shower.  We had dinner at the Iroquois Cafe.  Judy and I shared a refreshing chef salad and each had our own delicous Bunkum hamburger.  I would highly recommend anyone traveling through this part of the country, especially if you are hiking or biking, to make a special effort to stop by this small town with a big heart.  Tomorrow we will stop in at the cafe again for breakfast before continuing on our journey.  Until then . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy    http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


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