Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Wednesday, July 7th:  Tuesday morning we said our farewells to Iroquois, IL, a town that we will remember well, and were soon crossing over into Indiana.  Someone had a sense of humor when he named his garden “Oleo Acres”.  I passed a lot of other farms along the way that proved his description accurate.  After cycling 103 miles we ended our day in Roann, IN.  Madison County isn’t the only place with covered bridges.  They have a very nice one here also, that was built in 1877 and crosses over the Eel River.  We were directed by some nice residents to a spot where we could park our motorhome for the night.  It was very hot and humid when we arrived  and I needed to find something cold and refreshing to drink.  When we got up this morning, I continued my ride on Hwy 16.  Not much of a bike lane, but not much traffic either.  They have signs every so often warning about speeding and reckless driving and the penalties thereof.  I don’t think I’ll be speeding, but if I get too tired they might get me for reckless driving!  Highway 16 came to an end and I was soon on Hwy 24 which, when I arrived in Ft Wayne, IN, turned into an Interstate that would not allow bicycles.  I called Judy and she met me close to that intersection.  I filled her up with gas and she drove me around Ft Wayne until the Interstate ended and I could ride my bike again.  A few(?) more miles down the road and I am now crossing over into Ohio.  That’s 3 states in 2 days!  Who wudda thunk?  Along side of the road they were grinding up bales of hay and shooting them all over the side of the road.  They do this to hold the soil in place so the vegetation can grow.  I saw my first deer in quite a few days.  It was just standing in the field staring at me as if I couldn’t see it.  I took the picture, then made some noise, but it never budged, so I cycled on.  Just before arriving in Napoleon, Ohio I passed a sign that prohibits bicycles again.  I was just about to exit in about 2 or 3 more exits so I ignored the sign and kept on cycling.  Can’t obey EVERY sign.  After 100 miles of cycling (that’s now 4 continuous days of 100 or more miles of cycling) we arrived in Napoleon, OH at

 our favorite campsite, WALMART!  Another 100+ mile day again tomorrow?  Tune in next time to find out.  Until then . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy    http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


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