Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Tuesday, July 13th:  Today’s ride took me from Mentor, Ohio to North East, PA.  I am over half way between Erie, PA and the state of New York.  As I got closer to Erie I noticed some unique bridges.  I had to cross over one of them.  The lake is very large.  Just like the ocean, you can see the water all the way to the horizon.  Eastern Ohio has a lot of trees on most of the roads I have cycled.  Part of my ride took me on the Lake Erie and the Coastal Ohio Trail.

  And now, I have arrived in Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.  From there I begin to follow the Bicycle PA “Z” Route.  Pennsylvania also has a lot of trees all along the road.  Passed the Old State Line.  The Erie Triangle is probably worth a lot more today.  There are a lot of vineyards growing along the side of the road.  I don’t see any fruit on the vines, so I’ll keep on pedaling.  I cycled a few miles onto Presque Isle.  They have an amusement park just before the Isle and one of the roller coasters goes across the road over a bridge.  That is pretty awesome.  By the time I arrived in North East, PA, I had cycled 102 miles.  I have now officially cycled 5,041 miles of my 10,000 mile ride around the United States for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Tomorrow I will make it into the state of New York, but how far?  Until next time . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy    http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


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