Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Wednesday, July 14th:  This morning I am riding the last few miles of Pennsylvania.  I have seen quite a few creeks running into the lake.  This is one of the nicer ones.  After about 7 miles I enter the state of New York.  I have been on and still am on Hwy 5 along Lake Erie.  In New York this highway is also a designated bike route.  (Bike route 517).  They also let you know it is a good route to take if you are taking your trip on foot.  Just as in Pennsylvania, New York has many, many vineyards all along the highway.  This is the only pier I have seen so far.  There are a few sailboats  on the water, but not much else.  The grapevines I have been seeing for so long have now been identified.  They are concord grapes.  Evidently, they have more concord grapes here than anywhere else.

  In the areas where there are no vineyards, there are a lot of trees.  The view is very scenic.  After about 35 miles I met up with Judy.  As I was refilling my water bottles, I discovered that we were running out of fresh water in the RV tank.  I remembered passing a KOA campground a little ways back.  I put my bike in the motorhome and we drove 15 miles back to Westfield, NY where they allowed us to fill our water tank for no charge.  Rode with Judy another 15 miles back to Dunkirk, NY.  Got back on my bike and continued to ride.  Just as I was entering Erie County, I noticed my rear tire was flat.  This is my 12th flat so far.  I guess that’s not too bad for over 5,000 miles.  In the process of fixing my flat, I discovered there were 3 sharp wires coming through the inside of the tire.  Once I got the flat repaired, I continued my ride until I found a place for us to spend the evening.  After 74 miles of cycling our final destination is Blasdell, NY.  It is just a few miles south of Buffalo, NY.  Tomorrow I will cycle to Niagara Falls.  I brought my passport so I can get back into the United States after crossing into Canada.  Until next time . . . Saving  Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy    http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


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