Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Thursday, July 15th:  Today I start my ride to Niagara Falls.  Judy will wait for me in Buffalo until we decide where we will meet for the evening.  I am not entirely sure of the route I will be taking today.  I have 3 maps and will also rely on asking directions from people I meet along the way.  I finally find a sign pointing the way to the Peace Bridge.  Even with that, finding my way will not be a piece of cake.  I am in downtown somewhere and trying to figure out which way I should go to get to the bridge.  I am directed to a street and a few turns before I get to a bike route along the marina where the view is very pretty.  A few more corrections in my navigation and I can see the Peace Bridge ahead.  In the center of the bridge they fly the Canadian Flag, the Peace Flag and the American Flag.  I now begin my ride over the Peace Bridge.  They have a sign showing the way for bicycles to get over into Canada.  According to another sign there is no inspection required to enter Canada.  When I get to the center of the bridge I get a close-up shot of all three flags.  Of course I took the picture from the U.S. side so that the American Flag will be displayed above the rest.

  When I finally get to the Canadian side of the bridge they have a little hole-in-the-wall entrance for bikers.  Now that I have crossed the border they want my photo ID.  Drivers license is not good enough.  They want your passport.  The first change I notice is the speed limit.  It is not posted in MPH but km/h.  Then I see another sign that says I have to go under an underpass that is 3.3 meters.  It is a good thing Judy is not with me because 3.3 meters figures out to be 10 ft 9 in.  The motorhome is 11.5 feet.  That would not be good.  Looking back over the river I can see the big city of Buffalo.  On this side of the river I am cycling down a very scenic road.  Of course what would it be like going to Canada without seeing the Canadian Geese.  I have seen quite a few of them and they are not afraid of people.  As I get closer to Niagara Falls, I can see the spray rising from where the water is running over the edge.  Over 6 million cubic feet of water go over the falls every minute.  Where does all that water come from?   Now for some strange reason my camera has stopped working.  I begin my way to find my way back to the states.  I get my self pointed in the right direction and ride over the Rainbow Bridge to the American Side.  When I arrive at the customs gate, I maneuver my bike through the traffic up to the gates and continue on my way.  The Border Patrol at one of the booths yells at me to come back.  He told me that there are no free passes and wanted to see my passport.  After asking me a few questions he let me come back into the USA.  With the help of 3 maps and numerous people I meet along the way I finally meet up with Judy in Batavia, NY with 90 miles of cycling completed.  We park in a Walmart parking lot and have dinner at Subway.  You can tell Judy is happy to see me.  While at Walmart I shop for a new camera.  This one is relatively inexpensive.  I hope it takes as good a picture as the one I have been using.  A final picture of our motorhome where we will spend the night and get ready for another adventure tomorrow.  Until then . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy      http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


One Response to “Hello Fans, Friends and Family”

  1. Chris St. Marie Says:

    Nice work, Wes! What a great trip! We miss you!!!!

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