Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Saturday, July 17th:  Got an early start again this morning.  Another good thing because the hills they are getting bigger.  And more of them.  As I was pedaling through the town of Skaneateles, NY there was a sign in a window that caught my attention.  One sign said that the business was moving down the street.  The other sign said exactly how far it was moving.  Shortly after I was cycling past a park on the edge of the Skaneateles River.  It was quite the view.  The streets also were very scenic with trees lined up on both sides of the street.  Then I startted hitting the rollies.  A lot of them were a mile or more of climing.  Of course that means that some of the downhills were a mile or more also.  After about 60 miles we were in the area of Madison, NY.  It was time for lunch so we stopped at Quacks Village Inn.  Judy ordered the Bourbon Marinated Steak and I ordered the Strawberry Chicken Salad.  Both were very good.

  Later in the day as I was cycling through Warren, NY I happened upon Petrified Creatures Natural History Museum.  Most of what they had on display were small creatures with a few man-made replicas of pre-historic dinosaurs.  By this time the hills have leveled off a bit, but not completely.  After 109 miles of cycling I meet up with Judy in Sharon Springs, NY.  Tomorrow I will cycle to Troy, NY where 2 of my sisters live.  Until then . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy    http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


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