Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Monday, July 19th:  Before retiring to bed last night I checked my tires and discovered I had a flat tire.  This is flat tire #13.  It was actually only a slow leak but needed to be repaired non-the-less.  Had coffee and visited with my sister Sharon this morning.  She left for work and I put my bike in the motorhome.  We weren’t sure exactly how to get out to Hwy 7, soI went with her to help navigate.  Once we got to Hwy 7 Judy found a place to pull off the road and I got out and it was time to start pedaling.  As I begin my journey on Hwy 7, you can see that the area is flush with deep green trees and vegetation all around.  Along with all the vegetation there are also a lot of farm animals including cattle.

  It is not long before I am entering the state of Vermont.  They call it the Green Mountain State.  I’m sure I will find out why later.  I look off to the right and see hills full of thick green trees.  On the left I see more green trees beyond a small meadow.  As I approach the town of  Bennington, VT, I can see trees and the hills all the way to the horizon.  Just beyond the trees I can see a steeple building rising above the trees.  One of the first houses I notice as I enter the town is a wooden building that is very rustic and looks like it could be from a horror movie about haunted houses.  Not far away is a stone building which is actually a catholic church but also has a very appealing look in a different way.  After leaving the town and cycling a few more miles I am noticing quite a few creeks that pass under the road.  I have climbed a few hills today.  One was very long.  I usually know when I am approaching the top because I see a sign that indicates the lane is narrowing.  When I got past that sign I was expecting a downhill, but it was another 5 miles of rollies before I began to do any real descending.  Before I started going down the hill I saw a sign warning of Moose Crossing.  I looked for them but they evidently didn’t see the sign.    When I finally got to where the downhill started I was happy to see the sign letting me know that a downhill had arrived.  I have seen quite a few signs indicating grades of anywhere from 7% to 9%.  The creek is now running along side of the road.  Eventually it empties into what appears to be a large lake.  After climbing a long hill, I arrive at the top of Hogback Mountain and there are trees and hills for as far as you can see.  Of course we couldn’t leave Vermont without picking up some maple syrup.  I was waiting for Judy when she caught up with me at Dutton Farm.  While we were there we had the maple flavor soft serve ice cream.  We also purchased some farm fresh peach jam along with our maple syrup.  It was not many more miles and I am crossing a bridge over the Conneticut River.  Just on the other side of the bridge is New Hampshire.  New Hamsphire also has many trees.  I am beginning to think you can’t go too far in any direction in the northeast without  being surrounded by trees.  There is a profile on most of the highway signs.  I am not sure who it is but he must be famous.  We continue on Hwy 9 East until we arrive in Keene, NH.  At this point I have cycled a total of 77 miles and we are ready to call it a day.  So, until next time . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy      http://www.jacobsonexpress.com

One Response to “Hello Fans, Friends and Family”

  1. John Dankha Says:

    Hi Wes, you are in my favorite area of the US. I think New Hampshire and Maine (specially Maine) is the nicest area to visit and possibly live in the US. I go back there at least once a year to photograph and just enjoy nature.

    The profile you mention on the New Hampshire state highway sign is of “old man of the mountain”, which used to be a natural formation of granite rocks (New Hampshire is the granite state) on a side of a granite mountain that looked like the head of an old man.
    The formation used to extend beyond the mountain, and it was only time before natural forces caused it to collapse 😦

    If you want to read up more on this, here is the Wiki link:

    By the way, one of the things I just love about New Hampshire is their motto “Live free or die”. Nothing could be said better than that.

    Enjoy your trip, take lots of pictures. If you make it to the Maine coast, say hello to those rocks for me, and tell them I will see them in October.

    John Dankha

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