Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Wednesday, July 21st:  Started my ride early yesterday morning and continued the ride through New Hampshire.  There are still many, many trees all along the side of road and as far as you can see.  There are also plenty of rolling hills to enjoy.  Passed through Stoddard, NH where they used to make glass products that are now collector items.  The town of Hillsborough is President Franklin Pierce Homestead and the town where he was born.  Highway 9 is also the road we have been travelling on and is known as the Franklin Pierce Highway.  The face on the profile that I talked about yesterday is actually part of a mountain that was naturally formed.  It was called the “Man on the Mountain” and has since fallen off.  Passed over another looking glass stream with beautiful reflections of the trees.  While approaching a major highway, I saw a sign indicating a bike route.  I wasn’t sure where it went so I asked someone working on his garden if it came back out onto the 202/9 Hwy.  He said yes, after a while.  He said it would be a lot less traffic.  Maybe there was a lot less traffic, but I did see a few semi’s on this little road.  There was some road construction on this bike route.  I got around it and eventually to St. Paul’s School, which is a very exclusive school.  The bike route took me through this school.  They had road construction on this road also.  When I got through the school I ended up in Concord, NH and guess what?  Yep!  More road construction.  After that all I wanted was to keep going and get out of New Hampshire.

  I finally got to Maine and was continuing on my ride.  I am still on roads that are densly lined with trees.  The hills aren’t so bad now and I am making good time.  After 138 miles of cycling I arrive in Gorham, Maine, where Judy and her high school classmate, DeAnn J. Vincent were waiting for me.  I put my bike in the motorhome.  Judy and I then followed DeAnn to her home where we met with the rest of her family.  From left to right is DeAnn’s daughter, Shelley, DeAnn, Judy, DeAnn’s Husband, Bill and Shelley’s husband, Kyle.  They have a nice home surrounded by trees and plenty of room to park our motorhome.  We visited with homemade pizza and soda and lots of entertaining conversation.  This morning DeAnn drove us into Freeport, Maine where the home store of L. L. Bean is located.  We all shopped around a bit.  Judy picked up a stuffed red lobster and I went to the bike portion of the store and purchased a few more inner tubes.  We had lunch while we were there.  Before leaving town, Judy spotted a bread store that she just couldn’t pass by.  We picked up some interesting breads and sampled some while we were there.  On the way back to the house, we passed by a bicyclist’s dream.  With this bike you can get your honey-do’s done and go for a bike ride at the same time.  We will continue our visit for the rest of the day and evening.  Right now we are having heavy rains.  I hope the rain stops before the morning so that tomorrow I can get back on by bike and try to find a different route back to Troy, NY.  Until then . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time – – – Wes & Judy    http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


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