Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Monday, September 20th:  As I began my ride today, leaving Las Cruces, I attempted to resume on West US Highway 70.  They had a sign prohibiting bicycles, so I searched for an alternate route.  I found a bicycle route that took me through town before taking me back onto Highway 70.  Eventually I exited Highway 70 onto Interstate 10.  Here I am allowed to ride my bike along the shoulder of the road.  Highway 10 is designated as Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway in this area.  It is nice to ride on Interstate Highways, although at times the shoulder can get a little rough.  There are signs warning about Dust Storms.  Just like all the wildlife warning signs, I am happy to report that I had no encounter with a dust storm today.

  There are quite a few small trees or bushes with some bean-like pods on them.  Some one told me that it is a mesquite bush.  There is also a lot of vines along the highway with quite a few small gourds.  Remember the Rocky Mountains in front of me yesterday?  Well, today they are behind me and I have more Rocky Mountains in front of me again.  After 64 miles of cycling Judy and I meet up at Walmart in Deming, NM.  After checking out the area, we fill up with gas, propane, and get something to eat.  We then go to Roadrunner RV Park to freshen up and spend the night before continuing our ride tomorrow.-

My goal is to bicycle at least 10,000 miles around the United States, raising $1.00 per mile to help in the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma.  Donations may be made by visiting http://www.gsf.lls.llsevent.org/JACOBSONEXPRESS.  During the month of September you can have your donation count twice as much.  My friend, Larry Stern, has offered to match donations made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  You can see a copy of his offer with details, at the end of my blog in Friday’s post.  Until next time . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time . . . Wes & Judy    http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


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