Hello Fans Friends and Family

Sunday, September 26th;  I am sorry for not posting my blog the last couple of days.  On Friday,  I started my ride again heading West on Interstate 10.  The weather was nice with good roads and a decent tailwind.  I was making good time (about 20 mph).  I had ridden about 60 (+/-) and Judy hadn’t caught up with me yet.  Suddenly I came to an abrupt stop and was flying through the air.  Next thing I knew I was trying to pick myself up off the highway.  Neither Judy nor I can remember his name, but the guy in the blue shirt saw the accident and pulled over to helped me get off the road.  I dialed Judy’s phone number and handed him my phone.  He told Judy about my accident and she was right behind us about a mile or so.  Shortly after Judy arrived, the paramedics also showed up.  They put me on a stretcher and loaded me into the ambulance.  They took me to the trauma center at University Medical Center in Tucson, AZ.  Judy took a couple of pictures of what caused my accident.  Evidently a piece o metal popped up off the road and wedged between the brake pad and and the wheel rim, locking up the front wheel.  At the trauma center they discovered I had broken the top 2 ribs on my right side and punctured one of my lungs.  I also  cracked my collar bone, scapula, some of my upper vertebrae and tore my rotator cuff, all on my right side.  My head is fine, but my helmet was cracked.  Good news is that none of this will require surgery and my lung is healing nicely.  I will need some therapy to get back to normal.  The bad news is that I need to end my ride at this time.  I am still in the hospital, sitting at my computer, finally catching up on my blog.  At the end of 26 weeks of attempting to cycle 10,000 miles around the perimeter of the Unied States, I have completed approximately 9,650 miles.  I was hoping to raise $1.00 per mile to help in the fight agains Leukemia and Lymphoma, which would have been $10,000.  As of today, $2,871 has been donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  A friend and fellow cyclist, Larry Stern, has offered to match funds up to a total of $1,000 for donations made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society bringing the total of donations to $3,871.  This is well short of my intended goal, but is still quite impressive, non-the-less.  It is still not too late to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphpma Society.  Donations may be made by visiting http://www.gsf.lls.llsevent.org/JACOBSONEXPRESS.  Iwill keep you posted on my recovery and donations received.  Until next time . . . Saving Lives One Mile at a Time . . . Wes & Judy    http://www.jacobsonexpress.com


One Response to “Hello Fans Friends and Family”

  1. John Dankha Says:

    Hi Wes

    I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I am glad over all you are ok. althought I wouldn’t call all the broken bones and punctured lung ok, but I also know it could have been worse.

    I am very impressed by your trip. You have done more than most people can only dream of doing.

    I hope you recovery quickly and get back on the bike soon.


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