Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Wednesday, March 23rd:  I am now back at my home in Pahrump, NV and decided to take a bike ride around town.  Today’s ride was a 42 mile loop to Sheri’s Ranch and back.  Sheri’s Ranch is a local brothel that has legalized prostitution.  Below is a link that shows the details of today’s ride.  Below the link I have some pictures I took during my ride.  The first 2 pics are of me and my home.  I can see the snow on Mt Charleston from the street I live on.  My Official start of my ride began at the local BBQ Restaurant, Water Rock Cafe.  Most of the roads I was on today had no bike lane.  I think I had less that 5 miles of bike lane on my entire ride.  Among some of the major businesses in town include Home Depot and Walmart.  There is also a Sonic Burger and Carl’s Jr among other eateries.  The Nugget and Terribles Casino are 2 of the larger casinos in the center of town.  A little further up the road is a white castle called The Kingdom.  It is a gentleman’s club for those who need a little spice in their life.  I eventually come to Terrible’s Lakeside Casino.  It is a large casino and is also a very nice RV Resort as well.  Stay on this road a few more miles and you come to Sheri’s Ranch.  I stayed only long enough to take a couple of pics and continued my ride home.  Looking forward to another good ride soon. 

Sheri’s Ranch Loop by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.


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