Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011:  Today is the second day of my 30 day challenge.  I start out at 7:20 this morning and the weather is pretty nice with some cloud cover to help keep it cool.  After about 4 miles I am heading west on Bell Vista Rd.  About half way to Amargosa is a sign warning of turtle crossing.  I sure hope one doesn’t jump out in front of me.  When I arrive in Amargosa, CA, I stop at the Amargosa Cafe to fill up my water bottles.  My ride now continues north on Highway 127  with a strong tailwind.  It eventually turns into Highway 373 as I enter back into Nevada.  Right across the stateline is the Stateline Saloon & Gambling Hall and Longstreet Inn & Casino.  I continue to ride until I arrive at a rest stop at Interstate 95.  I turn right on I-95 and on the other side of the street is Nevada Joe’s.  If you are taking this route I suggest you stop in here for a break and refill of your water bottles.  It will be a long while until you get to the next water hole.  I continue east on I-95.  While on Interstate 95 the wind was coming from the side so I had to be careful to keep the bike from veering into the traffic lanes.  Luckily, there is not much traffic.  I arrive at Highway 160 and there is no place to take a break here.  My ride will now head south on Highway 160 into a strong headwind.  I find it very difficult to keep a good pace with the constant uphill and headwind.  After about 75 miles, I feel I can no longer endure this punishment.  I give my wife Judy a call and ask her to come pick me up.  I try to continue riding until she arrives, but I find it is easier to walk and I can get almost as much speed this way.  I will try this ride again, and hopefully next time I will complete it.  No matter what, though, I will fullfill the challenge to ride every day during the month of April.  You can view details of my ride by clicking on the link between here and the pictures posted below.   

Pahrump/Amargosa Loop Unfinished by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.

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