Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011:  I am now at day 20 of my 30 day  challenge to ride my bike every day.  Today is cool with some strong winds and supposed to get stronger later today and tomorrow.  I took out my hybrid bike and rode about 6 miles through my neighborhood.  As soon as the winds calm down I’ll try to get some longer miles in.  I wish I had someone to ride with in Pahrump.  It is not much of a bicycling town.  A riding partner(s) would make riding a lot more interesting.  You can click on the link below to see my progress in the 30 day challenge.


The 30 Days of Biking cycling challenge has 92 participants. The only rule for 30 Days of Biking is that you bike every day for 30 days—around the block, 20 miles to work, whatever suits you—then share your adventures online. We believe biking enriches life, builds community, and preserves the Earth

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