Hello Fans, Friends and Family

Tuesday, April 26, 2011:  Today was supposed to be breezy.  Actually it was HEAVY WINDS!  My plan for today was to ride out to Terrible’s Lakeside with my grandson, TY to check out the swimming pool.  It was a nice ride out there because most of the ride came with a nice tailwind.  We got there after 17 miles and TY decided it was too cold for the pool, so we just relaxed in the Jacuzzi for awhile.  We were hoping the winds would die down before we started the ride back.  After about an hour we were ready to head back, but the winds were still blowing, this time creating what would be a fierce headwind.  TY decided we should call grandma to come pick us up and I could not agree less!  Before we headed back I gave her a call and she said she would pick us up on our way home.  We started on our way to see how far we would get before grandma met up with us.  We really had to fight the winds to keep the bike going in a straight line.  Our speed was so slow that we only got about 2 miles before grandma met us on the road.  I loaded up the bikes and we headed home happy to be out of the wind.  We’ll try another ride tomorrow!  You can see the ride we took by clicking on the link below: 

Terrible’s Lakeside by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.


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