A Tale of 2 Rivers by WildWes49

Friday, 10 Jun, 2011:  We arrived in Seal Beach, CA yesterday afternoon.  We got all unpacked and it wasn’t long before I made the decision to join some friends on a bike ride this morning.  I rode to the cross-over bridge on the San Gabriel River Trail where I met 7 of my cycling buddies.  We rode back down to the coast in Seal Beach where 2 of the riders stopped off before heading back.  The rest of us continued down the coast until we arrived at Park Pantry restaurant for a quick meal break.  After our meal 2 more riders decided they were going to head back.  At this point I had only gone about 15 miles so I wasn’t ready to give up so easily.  The rest of us continued down the coast until we arrived at the L.A. River Trail and headed north.  When we got to Downey, another rider broke off and headed home.  There are now just 3 of us left and we continued north until we got to Montebello.  We headed back to the Rio Hondo which hooked up with the San Gabriel River.  We all 3 continued to Liberty Park in Cerritos where the other 2 riders left my company.  As I was getting ready to resume my ride I met another cyclist who rode with me the rest of the way to Seal Beach.  It was a nice cool day, with no sun and almost no wind.  Just a nice ride with some good friends.  I have a picture of part of the trail along the Rio Hondo.  Below the picture is a link showing the details of today’s ride.


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