Balboa with Ferry Ride by wildwes49

Sunday, 10 July 2011:  Today’s ride started at Liberty Park in Cerritos.  I decided to ride with the Cerritos Cyclepaths down the coast to Balboa Island.  We crossed the bay on a Ferry and stopped for a snack at PCH before heading back up the coast back to Liberty Park.  It was a cool day and we rode at a nice pace.  My Garmin computer acted up a couple of times and I lost about 5 miles worth of mileage on it.  It was good I had my other computer with me to get my actual mileage.  My mileage was actually49.8 miles in 3 hours, 19 minutes and 32 seconds.  Average moving speed was 14.9 mph.  You can see the recorded Garmin stats by clicking on the link below.  After that you can check out a few pictures I took on the ferry and in Balboa.

Balboa with Ferry Ride by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.


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