New Palos Verdes Tour (Short) by wildwes49

Tuesday, 12 July 2011:  Took another ride around Palos Verdes.  This time I started from Hawthorne and Palos Verdes West.  The purpose of today’s ride was to get the exact mileage between turns.  It was a cool day and I still sweated!  I think the 2nd half of the ride has tougher climbs than the first half.  The good thing is you finish on a downhill!  Here is a copy of the turn by turn directions followed by my GPS stats of todays ride that you can click on to view.

Total Miles Turns NEW PALOS VERDES TOUR (SHORT) For            
0.0 S Shopping Center (Hawthorne & Palos Verdes West)  0.0            
0.0 L Palos Verdes West/ PV South 5.0            
5.0 L Palos Verdes East 6.4            
11.4 L Palos Verdes North 1.2            
12.6 R Rolling Hills 1.5            
14.1 R Madison (Cross Green Belt to continue on Madison) DO NOT follow curve to the right!!! 0.3            
14.4 L Newton 0.8            
15.2 L Vista Montana (to “T”) 0.5            
15.7 L Paseo de las Tortugas 0.9            
16.6 R Via Valmonte (SHIFT!!!) 1.0            
17.6 Paseo del Campo (at “T”) 0.2            
17.8 R Via Campesina/ Via Del Monte 3.7            
21.5 R Granvia Altimira/ Ridgegate 1.7            
23.2 R Highridge 1.3            
24.5 R Crest 0.9            
25.4 L Hawthorne  2.0            
27.4 L Palos Verdes (into shopping ctr) 0.2            
27.6 E Shopping Center (Hawthorne & Palos Verdes West)               

New Palos Verdes Tour (Short) by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.

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