Mountain Springs – Up & Over & Back (Almost) by wildwes49

Saturday, 23 July 2011:  Started my ride at 7:30 this morning but I think maybe I should have started earlier like about 5:30!  Today’s ride started at Simkins & Highway 160.  I took Highway 160 south for 37 miles arriving at Mountain Springs Summit.  It was then another 10 miles downhill to a convenience store at the Blue Diamond turnoff.  I stayed there for awhile to rest up for the remainder of my ride.  Coming over the hill and now at the convenience store the temperature got up to almost 115 degrees.  In fact I think most of the ride was over 100 degrees.  Heading back up the hill I could tell that my energy had been sapped by the heat.  I had to stop a few times on the way up and when I was about 2 miles from the top I decided I needed to get off the bike and do a little cross-training, so I walked the rest of the way to the top.  During my walk I gave my wife a call to let her know I was done and to come pick me up.  I didn’t want to become a heat casualty.  I finally got to the top, got back on my bike and started on my way back down.  About 6 miles down the hill, my wife arrived and I put my bike in the car and we headed home.  We stopped at Sonic on the way home and picked up a bite to eat and a 44 oz  fruit slushie.  That was quite refreshing.  The total ride was 63.1 miles with 5,272 feet of elevation gain and an average speed of 10 mph including the 2 miles of walking.  You can view the GPS stats of todays ride by clicking on the link below:

Mountain Springs – Up & Over & Back (Almost) by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.


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