Long Beach Marathon and Bike Ride by wildwes49

Sunday, 9 October 2011:  Today I was up and ready to ride before sunrise.  My friend Eric met me in Seal Beach and we rode a couple of miles before we met with Mike and Marvie, a couple more friends from my bike club, SCORccc.  At 4:45 AM we continued our ride to downtown Long Beach for their annual Marathon and Bike Ride.  On the way there, Mike got a flat tire.  It is a good thing we started our ride early so we have enough time to fix the flat.  While we were fixing the flat tire, Lance, another member of our club rode past.  He stopped to visit as we continued with the flat repair.  We then all continued to the start line and got ourselves in position for the ride.  There were thousands of riders there ready to ride at the start time of 6:00 AM.  Even with all the riders, it was not as chaotic as I had expected.  After only a few miles, Eric decided to take off ahead of us.  The rest of us tried to stay together.  At one point, Mike got hit by another rider.  She also took 3 other riders down and then just kept on going without stopping.  We waited for Mike a little while, but he disappeared from sight and it was too crowded to go back to get him.  We continued our ride with no further incidences and Mike caught up with us just a few miles before the end of the ride.  Afterwards, we relaxed and listened to a small band and checked out a few of the vendors before getting back on our bikes and heading home.  This ride has numerous charities that you can choose from to donate to.  My charity of choice for this ride is the Alpenglow Hospice which helps the terminally ill live the remainder of their lives in dignity.  Their website is http://www.alpenglowhospicefoundation.com.  In the picture are my friends, Eric, Lance, Mike and Marvie.  You can check the stats of today’s ride by clicking on the link at the end of this post. 

Long Beach Marathon and Bike Ride by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.


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