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Newport Burger – Inland Route by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details

March 17, 2013

Newport Burger – Inland Route by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.


Homestead & Thousandaire, Pahrump by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details

March 2, 2013

02 March 2013

Today was a beautiful day for a bike ride.  To view all the details of this ride.  Click on the link below.  This is the last month I will be posting my rides on this blog.  If you would like to continue receiving details of my rides, send me your email address and I will email my rides and Garmin link to you.

Homestead & Thousandaire, Pahrump by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.

SHOPPING RIDE IN PAHRUMP by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details

November 8, 2012

November 7, 2012:  Not yet having done a bike ride today, when I was faced with a need to go shopping,  I decided to take the opportunity to ride my bike, thereby accomplishing two needs at the same time.  To view the details of this ride you can click on the link below:

SHOPPING RIDE IN PAHRUMP by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Huntington Beach Pier Plus by wildwes49

September 20, 2011

Tuesday. 20 September 2011:  Met with 2 other cyclists for a brisk ride down the San Gabriel River Trail and along the coast to Huntington Beach Pier.  After a short break we returned up the coast and the river trail.  I continued past the start point to ride with one of the riders back to his home and then continued on to visit my son in Long Beach.  I visited with him for about an hour before returning back to my home port.  The weather was cool and the route was fairly flat.  Average speed for today’s ride was 16+ MPH.  To view the details of today’s ride you can click on the link below:

Huntington Beach Pier Plus by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Solana Beach Century by wildwes49

September 19, 2011

Saturday, 17 September 2011:  This is the day of SCOR’s Annual Century Bicycle Ride from Fullerton AMTRAK Station to Solana Beach, CA.   I volunteered to ride sweep for the club.  My job was to stay with the last riders to make sure that no one had a problem on the way to the finish line.  There were a total of 15 riders on today’s ride.  In the first picture are three of the riders that I rode with for most of the ride.  In front is Ann Marie, and behind her are Denise and her husband, Richard.  It was a perfect day for a ride like this.  The weather was cool with a little mist for part of the ride, warming up a little as the day progressed.  Richard and I were the last ones to arrive at the hotel and had ridden about 90 miles.  He has never done a century ride before and decided he would like to do it on this ride.  We continued riding south for about 4 or 5 miles, then headed back towards the hotel.  We were still a little short of 100 miles so we continued north until I knew we would make 100 miles and then returned to the hotel.  We arrived back at the hotel with just a little over 100 miles.  In the next picture is Richard in the jacuzzi, biking outfit and all.  That evening he got a medal at the awards ceremony for completing his first century.  I also took a picture of the mileage on my bike computers to prove his accomplishment.  You can view the stats of today’s ride by clicking on the link below the pictures.

Solana Beach Century by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Long Beach and Norwalk by wildwes49

September 17, 2011

Friday, 16 September 2011:  Today I had a friendly ride with 7 other cyclists.  Rode from Liberty Park in Cerritos to Downtown Long Beach for breakfast, and back to Liberty Park.  I then rode a few extra miles to Norwalk with one of the other riders before finishing my ride at Liberty Park.  It was a cool day, overcast with a very light drizzle most of the morning.  Tomorrow I will be doing about a hundred miles from Fullerton to the San Diego area.  It is an annual event for my bike club and should be a lot of fun.  To check the details of today’s ride you can click on the link below. 

Long Beach and Norwalk by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Best of Brea by wildwes49

July 17, 2011

Saturday, 16 July 2011:  Today’s ride consisted of 17 riders including myself.  It was a nice ride with good weather and beautiful scenery.  We rode through a lot of areas with plenty of trees and vegetation, around a peaceful lake and past some very nice homes.  We had breakfast at a local grill (Best of Brea) which had plenty of seating for all of us and very good food also.  Our total elevation gain today was about 1200 feet.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the route.  It is also one of my favorites.  You can view the GPS stats of today’s ride by clicking on the link below:

Best of Brea by wildwes49 at Garmin Connect – Details.

Heading Home: 2nd Stop – Yellowstone & Old Faithful

July 1, 2011

Thursday. 29 June 2011:  We continued our trip heading to Yellowstone National Park.  On this part of the trip we were able to see a little wild life along the way.  The first sign of wild life was a sign warning of ATV crossing.  I guess ATV’s can be described as a type of wild life!  Actually we did see some deer, antelope, bison and coyotes some pictures to prove it.  On our way there we got high enough in elevation that there was still snow on the ground.  Ty got out to throw a few snowballs.  In one of the pictures it looks like it is actually snowing.  Really though, that is just bugs on the windshield.  We crossed the Continental Divide and eventually arrived at the site of Old Faithful.  We sat there for over an hour before she finally erupted.  While we waited for her to erupt we watch her and mud pots close by blowing off their steam. 


Heading Home: 1st Stop Crazy Horse & Mt Rushmore

July 1, 2011

Thursday, 29 June 2011:  We took the long way home to do a little sightseeing.  Our first stop was The Crazy Horse Monument which is still under construction.  Ty is pointing to what will be the face of Chief Crazy Horse.  They have a plaster image of what the mountain will look like when the construction is complete.  It is 1/34th the size of what the actual monument will be.  There were a couple of Indian Motorcycles on display inside the building that Ty was thrilled to see.  Our next stop was Mount Rushmore.  We got a picture of Ty standing in front of the Presidents. 

Visit in Nebraska

July 1, 2011

Thursday, 29 May 2011:  The first few days of our visit to Nebraska our grandson spent time with his other grandfather, Judy visited with friends and I helped out working at the farm.  On the weekend they had gatherings of all the alumni in town with lots of good times and food.  There was also a lot of activity at the park with activities for kids and adults alike.  I think our grandson TY enjoyed most of his time at the pool and got a good sunburn on his back to prove it!  They had their annual fun run, toad and turtle races, train ride for the kids, dunk tank, car show, rodeo, mud drags, Friday night dance, a small town parade plus many other activities.  A local family celebrated the 135th anniversary of their ranch with a party, inviting everyone to attend.  He had a nice BBQ and a local band that played great music.  We also took the kids over to another home where they were nurturing an orphaned fawn.